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You can select a job title, keyword or company to find the best suitable job for you. Additionally, you can include your preferred location or industry that you would like to work in. This will help you to filter your job search in finding a suitable job for you.

You will need to create an account with us before you can upload your resume on your profile. Under profile, go to “Upload resume”.

Yes. It is not necessary to create a profile with us. However by having an account with us, you will be able to create a profile of yourself to help employers better understand you when you apply for a job. By building a profile, you are more likely to get noticed or shortlisted by employers.

On our portal, you are able to find part time, full-time, contract and Internships

You will be able to find different types of jobs listed here with us from different industries. With the huge variety of job opportunities to choose from, it increases your chances of finding a job.

Snatchjobs is a website that connects employment opportunities with employers and candidates. Jobs listed on our website will also be listed in our social media platforms like Telegram Channel.

- If you can’t remember your password, the login system has a password retrieval feature that you can select.You will be asked to key in the email you used to register yourself at We will send you a reset password to the email you keyed in. - If you can't remember which email account is registered, send an email to [email protected] . To verify that you're the rightful owner of the Snatchjobs account, do include your full name, NRIC and contact number.

Customise job matching alert with your personal preference

You can email to

When you apply for a job posting, employers will have access to your profile. Under your profile, they can find your personal details, profile brief and resume (optional).

The resume and information submitted by you will be kept confidential. No employer will be able to view your information unless you specifically applied for the position.

No, we never charge job seekers for our services.

Click on the job posting that interests you and select “Apply now”.

There is no obligation to how many positions you can apply for. But, please only apply for jobs that you are genuinely interested in to avoid wasting both parties' time. Each position has a dedicated recruiter assigned to it. When you apply to a position, the recruiter is notified of your interest and will follow up with you in the event your skills match the requirements of the position.

While our recruiters review your information, you can take the time to see other job posting opportunities.

Due to the volume of applicants that Snatchjobs receives for our positions, we appreciate your patience while our recruiters review your background. You will be contacted if there is a fundamental match with an active open position.

We recommend creating a profile with us first to help employers have a better understanding of you. If no position meets your objectives, you can custom job matching under ‘Snatchmatch’ and we will alert you of potential open job positions.

Snatchjobs is different from other online job boards in many ways. - First, all our recruiter’s companies are verified using their UEN number before they can post job listings. - Second, to provide flexibility to And every flexible job we post is first vetted by a real person who spends as much as 30 minutes per job making sure it meets our rigorous criteria before we serve it up to you. - Third, you don't have to spend hours browsing through job listings looking for a job that best suits you. All you have to do is to create an account with us and go under Snacthmatch and we will find the best suitable job for you.

Snatchjobs was first founded in November 2018. We have a telegram job portal that has grown increasingly popular over the years. Till date, we have over 100,000 active users within our portals. With our portal, we want to help job seekers and recruiters to have the most simple and effective way of getting the job and finding the best suitable candidates for the position.

We are a marketing agency specialised in recruitment marketing and social media marketing. We have a telegram portal that allows clients and jobseekers to approach the recruitment process with a simple and effective way to maximize your company’s outreach to potential candidates.

Once recruiters have found their candidates for the job posting, they may choose to close the job position.

Salary may vary depending on every individual based on their qualifications, skills and experience.

Create an profile with us and customise job search to your personal preference

Snatchjobs does not guarantee job placement. While we do the research on all the jobs we publish, the hiring process is all handled by the employer directly. However, Snatchjobs does guarantee that you’ll find trustable companies that are registered to work for.

You have to apply for the job before you can enquire about the position. Then, you can directly contact the employers through their communication channels available.

Yes, you can try your luck in applying for the job. However, to avoid wasting too much time generally try to work for companies that you are genuinely interested in.