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Our Features
Chat bot Automation
Chatbot Interview

Chatbots will help you with the initial preliminary questions. Candidates need to answer these questions upon application.

  • Chatbot is available 24/7 as long as there is still an opening.
  • Hassle-free as the bot will ask the repeated screening questions.
  • Instant interviews with candidates upon application.
Top matching candidates by results

Snatchjobs will rank the candidates based on the questionnaire scores. To accelerate the hiring process, the top of the list will feature the most fitting candidates.

  • Save time and accelerate the hiring process
  • Instant overview of candidates\' scores
  • Pick the best matching candidates for shortlisting
Custom Interview questionnaires

Every role you publish is equal. Hence, every listing will have its own set of questionnaires. Our AI assistant will also recommend relevant questions for the jobs you have listed.

  • AI assistant will assist in generating suitable questions
  • Have the ability to create and customise questions
  • Create scores for multiple-choice questions (MCQs)
Fast Direct
Connect with candidates to your preference

We understand that you might be too busy to open up the app, or it might be more convenient for you to have people call/text you directly instead. Thus, Snatchjobs allows you to have an option to let candidates contact you directly upon application

  • Can contact you directly
  • Speedy process
  • Convenience to your preference
Job Compliance
Practise fair hiring!

This screener allows us to identify potential words, phrases, and sentences that are not in compliance with the law. We understand that not everyone is proficient with the rules and regulations when it comes to hiring. Therefore, Snatchjobs implemented this screener to protect employers to our best efforts. Note that this is not a fool-proof screener - we are not responsible for any employment act breach. To understand what an employer is required to do to ensure fair hiring, please visit Let us do our due diligence to prevent an unfair hiring process!

Candidate Personality
(Coming Soon)
Personality Profile

Get to hire candidates that match your team/company culture! Sometimes, the logical and practical side of a resume can be too similar and mundane. However, an individual\'s personality can be different. There are no right or wrong personality profiles, but only the right personality for the job and team.

Best fit for the job

Match with candidates that best fit the requirements and personality for the job and the team/company.

Streamline process

Streamline the shortlisting process, and reduce the number of interviews needed.

More insights

Understand and access the candidates with more information that is provided.

Candidate Self-Video
(Coming Soon)
Know your candidate better!

This feature allows you to "meet" the candidate even before you shortlist them for an interview. Often, through a resume, we are not able to assess the candidates fully. However, with this feature, you can get to know the candidate more in-depth, which can be very beneficial to you in the long run.

Social Media
Increase in visibility

At Snatchjobs, we use social media platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and WeChat to increase your job advertisement\'s reach and visibility.

  • Increase in reach and visibility
  • Increase the number of candidates
  • Direct advertising for your brand
Send your job ads directly to our users

Our subscribers sign up with us to get personalised job notifications directly. These platforms will allow you to reach candidates on the look-out for specific types of jobs that may match your preference.

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