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Terms & Conditions:


1.     This Sales Agreement is binding between Snatchjobs Singapore Pte Ltd and the Company, hereafter referred to as “Advertiser” and subject to the “Terms of Use” stated in

2.     The above rates are valid for 30 days from the date of this sales agreement and are subject to change without prior notice.

3.       The above rates are in “SGD”.

4.        Rates above are inclusive of the applicable Service Tax, VAT or GST, where applicable. Any tax documentation required by local authorities must be provided within reasonable timeframe to allow timely tax submission by Snatchjobs Singapore Pte Ltd.

5.       This is a self-posting DIY package.

6.       Snatchjobs does not allow job advertisements that has more than 1 job position in each job posting.

7.       You are not allowed to advertise anything else other than your job opening.

8.       Extension will not be granted on unutilized coins past the expiry date.

9.   Snatchjobs Singapore Pte Ltd reserves the right to withhold delivery of services until all outstanding invoices have been fully settled and where applicable, withholding tax documents fully provided to support any deduction made in the invoice settlement. All contents of recruitment and job banners are subject to Snatchjobs Singapore Pte Ltd approval. Snatchjobs Singapore Pte Ltd reserves the right to cancel the services in this Sales Agreement and any advertisement related to it at our reasonable discretion or if the terms in this Sales Agreement is breached. Please refer to our Terms of Use in for more information.

10.   Full details of our terms and conditions are available on our website:

11.   This Sales Agreement is not revocable by the advertiser.

You hereby agree that upon registration you will be required to provide information which are personal and sensitive which are important for us to provide the services we offer. The types of information we collect from you are aptly listed in our Privacy Policy and will only be used in tandem with local privacy enactments. You hereby consent to the said information being collected, shared and stored safely by us for the tenure of your registration with us. Should you feel that you are not ready to provide any personal and sensitive information needed we will not be able to accurately process and validate your registration.